Gigalime is a technology company with a mission to transform education.


Coming soon Gigalime’s teacher development courses including: A Brief History of Education,  Covid in World Education and Basics to Blended Learning.

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Gigalime believes that education should be accessible to all, streamlined, personalised and fun. Through the use of innovative technology we aim to transform what is possible in education.

In the new normal of the 2020s education faces new existential challenges. Technology is going to be vital if learning is to continue and to stop the most disadvantage falling further behind. Gigalime can help educational stakeholders to adapt and thrive in the new normal.  We provide professional and stakeholder development through: 

Webinars, Courses and Mentoring. Topics include
Blended learning
Bilingual education
Lifelong learning
Critical thinking
Technology in teaching
See our courses pages for more information.

Our courses and mentoring services are supported by our consulting services. We offer:
Analysis, Design, Implementation
Curriculum design
Technology usage
Assessments of student progress
Monitoring effectiveness of change programmes
See our education page for more information.

Our  schools technology systems and development services can be used for:
Data management, collaboration and AI platforms. This enables schools to collect and manage data in a structured way that allows for effective data mining.  Information can be easily aggregated to help:
create individual student plans
Identify vulnerable students
Form a basis of lifelong learning
Support policies and research into diversity and inclusivity
Facilitate pedagogical research
Foster collaborations in developing new educational products
Inform debates among thought leaders and practitioners
Help validation of new methods or technologies in education.
See our technology page for more information.