art + technology = changeing the world.

We believe that art + technology has the power to change the world.

It’s no coincidence that new forms of art appeared at the same time that new technologies were being developed. 

Art and technology has been linked since man started painting caves. They were the first artists to work with a new technology. Mixing natural ingredients and other pigments together to create paints.

The Egyptians, the Romans and all other great cultures combine art and technology to create new and exciting buildings, pottery, glass, etc. 

The renaissance saw  Art and Science working together in a way that changed art forever.   It changed the way people thought and viewed the world. The development of lenses and telescopes allowed scientists such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler to prove that the planets revolved around the sun.

Artists started painting and sculpting in a more realistic way and moved away from only painting religious subjects. New techniques and styles were invented to enhance the quality and realism of the art: Perspective, Balance and Proportion, Use of light and Dark, chiaroscuro.

Leonardo De Vinci is perhaps the greatest artist who has combine art and technology.

This partnership between art and technology has continued down through the ages.  Today technology has changed the way art is created and shared. It has enabled art to break through the  traditional routes to market and allowed artist to reach out to new and different audiences. It has changed the perception of art as being elitist and available to only a few to being accessible to all communities across the world.

Art + Technology shaping the way we see the world.

Gigalime founders, brother and sister Mark and Frances Hinton, embody the idea that by bring art and technology together it is possible to change the world. 

Gigalime’s mission is too being Art and Science together in a new, cooperative and inclusive space.