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Gigalime uses both the OECD model for innovation and our model below to define a methodology for driving innovation and disruption. There are three phases to the process. 

First using the ideas of the OECD model for innovation. This enales us to reach an understanding of needs and to identify the levers and motives for wanting change. 

Secondly, strategic assessment in the first loop of disruption to understand all the stakeholders. Stakeholders will include

  • Customers
  • Supply chain
  • Regulators
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

The key is to give voice to them all to understand aspirations, define a business model, and ultimately a brand. 

As this loop iterates and becomes mature it feeds the operational loop to define objectives, processes to deliver them, along with a technology suite and KPIs to measure performance. The results feedback to our strategic loop to further define or enhance the brand.