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The Gigalime platform, EDGE, is an enterprise platform for supporting digital disruption and transformation. Initially set up for the education market but configurable to any sector. 

The platform has four main stakeholder user groups:

  • EdTech companies. Through the community they can engage with education thought leaders to test and validate their products. Approval of the product will allow it on an EdTech App Store accessible by schools and teachers.
  • Experts and thought leaders. Community to share ideas, collaborate on research, publish results, mentor education leaders and professionals.
  • Schools. Managers, teachers, pupils and parents have access to content. High quality EdTech available from the App Store. Electronic Student Records (ESRs) to capture data easily and allow an artificial intelligence system to provide suggestions to teachers, as a decision support system.
  • Governments/public sector. Access to aggregated data from ESRs and EdTech Apps will give crucial statistics to inform policy makers and target resources where most needed.

It provides a unified mechanism for teachers to monitor and better understand how each pupil is performing and to enable teachers to provide a better learning experience. This process gives all children access to true personalised teaching and therefore gives each child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Aggregated data from schools can be used to inform education policies at local, regional and national levels.

EdTech companies have access to a forum that can give insight into school, teacher and pupil needs and requirements. They are able to test new ideas and get direct feedback and form collaborative partnerships.

Edge uses data science and artificial intelligence to deliver this personalized learning and efficient school supply chains needed for that. It can be configured to operate at the level of Government, region or individual school. Local results can be aggregated to national level if allowed by regulations.

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