Our ambition is to improve the life chances of all learners by applying technology to teaching and using Artificial Intelligence to transform learning and data management.

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We do this through our education services, focussing on three main areas:
Professional and Stakeholder Development
Consulting Solutions

Professional and Stakeholder Development.

Our Professional and Stakeholder Development Services are delivered through a combination of webinars, on-line courses and mentoring. They are all being developed in response to the ‘new normal’ post pandemic world.  Topics include:

  • Blended Education
  • Lifelong learning
  • Technology in teaching
  • Bilingual learning
  • Critical and Creative 

More information can be found here.

Consulting Solutions

Our Consulting solutions are focused on how data and technology can  be used to deliver a more effective personalised education experience for all earners through out their lives.

Currently there is no good universal system for collecting and mining data in education. If data could be collected, stored and aggregated and then used collaboratively it could radically change  the way education services are delivered.  It would enable schools to more easily and effectively: 

  • Create individual student plans
  • Identify vulnerable students
  • Form a basis of lifelong learning
  • Support policies and research into diversity and inclusivity
  • Facilitate pedagogical research
  • Foster collaborations in developing new educational products
  • Inform debates among thought leaders and practitioners
  • Help validation of new methods or technologies in education

This would provide three main outcomes:

  • As budgets are squeezed and schools are expected to deliver more with less this would provide a way of getting a better return on investment
  • Societal impact.  Many students are failed every year by the education system and the pandemic has highlighted the increasing inequality gaps. Our consulting solution will address this and help all students get the education and opportunities they are entitled to.
  • Most teachers were already suffering from stress and burn out before the pandemic hit. They have had to adapt and become tech experts as well as learning how to teach and deliver in a new and different ways.  Our technology solution will support teachers in the new world.

Gigalime can also provide help in curriculum design and change programmes.


Gigalime’s technology solution (EDGE) is a data management, collaboration and AI platform for transforming education.
It has metadata models to map heterogeneous data sources and supports Lifelong learning.

The platform is made up of the following components:

    • Distributed ledgers (blockchain), data model, document databases, and data science
      • Support widespread uptake 
      • Integration to other systems
      • High security, integrity and privacy
    • Leverage growing awareness of issues due to covid and financial crisis
      • Window of opportunity
      • Meshing of technology, public policy and pedagogic paradigms
    • Combing best of breed from other domains
      • Logistics, clinical research, consumer targeting

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