Healthcare around the world is facing the challenge of ever increasing demand without a corresponding increase in resources

How do you do more with less?

With the Gigalime technology platform we can design and implement systems to improve process efficiency. We use our enterprise decision making processes to engage all stakeholders in designing new processes. This stakeholder engagement is vital to successful design and implementation.

In clinical practise settings we look at streamlining processes, improving procurement, and implementing decision support systems to speed up and enhance decisions. 

In clinical research we adapt the same methods to increase data quality, reduce timescales and improve the procurement process in clinical trials. 

Our ultimate aim is to transform healthcare through the use of data and artificial intelligence. Data-driven healthcare may well be the future of medicine. But at what cost to patients’ privacy? Our digital world is built on data. Big data has transformed the way we do business, and the ways that industry works. It’s time to do the same in healthcare.

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