Making life better for people by addressing global challenges with disruptive technology

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Gigalime is a technology, artificial intelligence, public policy and design company providing innovation to address complex organisational challenges. We have an international team of experts that leverage complementary skills to enable practical digital transformation and disruption. With a successful track record in Europe, South America and USA, Gigalime has the know-how and experience to add value in the public and private sectors. Many organisations are facing existential challenges to their whole operating paradigm. The threats can be Social, Technological, Outlandish, Regulatory or Macroeconomic. There is a STORM coming. Are you ready?


Gigalime is focused on digital disruption, technology and education. 

We have adopted a methodology from the OECD model of Core Skills For Public Sector Innovation for our Digital Disruption Services which is applicable across all sectors.   

Our Technology Services are based upon the highest standards of software engineering, quality management and development processes that are well suited to rapid iterations and to highly regulated sectors such as medical device software.

In Education we understand the challenges to policy makers, educational organisations and teachers as we enter a new post pandemic world, and we have solutions to those challenges. We put teachers and their pupils at the heart of everything we do.

Gigalime’s Technology Platform (EDGE) is an enterprise application to manage global collaborations, deliver digital solutions, securely collate data and mine that data with advanced AI. The insights created support enterprise decision making in complex organisations such as governments and international companies.