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We are an international team of experts in management, public policy, education, design, technology, business processes and artificial intelligence. We  leverage complimentary disciplines to enable practical digital transformation and personalisation. With a  of successful track record in Europe, South America and USA, Gigalime has the know-how and experience to add value in third sector, public sector and private organisations facing existential challenges to their whole operating paradigm. The threats can be Social, Technological, Outlandish, Regulatory or Macroeconomic. There is a storm coming. Are you ready?

Gigalime is a technology, public policy and design company providing innovation to address complex challenges in education. There is an ongoing move to adopt personalised approaches to teaching, in which offerings are tailored to the needs, preferences and interests of an individual. In practice personalised solutions are usually only tailored to needs. This can be referred to as individualisation. The smart use of artificial intelligence enables a move from individualisation to true personalisation, in which professionals become mentors rather than just providers of knowledge, prescriptive advice, or regulations and taxes. It enables collaborative decision making rather than direction from provider to receiver.