Public Policy

Our motivation in public policy is simple. We aim to improve life chances through the use of artificial intelligence, learning and design to create conditions for all human beings to discover, develop and make full use of their abilities.


We provide consultancy around public policy and enterprise decision making in national and local governments. We aim in particular at education, healthcare and environmental issues. 

Today, governments must incorporate large and inconsistent data sets to advise and inform on how to best make decisions that affect them and the population at large. Now the language around performance information in government decision making refers to evidence-based decisions, strategic analytics and data-driven reviews of progress. Policies are in place to make data more open to all while evolving technologies have reduced the cost of collecting and reporting such data.

In the light of this how do governments improve performance, openness and make best use of technology? How best to make enterprise decisions, include all stakeholders and monitor outcomes?

“The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted.”
Elizabeth Dole